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  • December 10, 2021

    Dear Colleagues and Friends,

    On behalf of the CNS Foundation, thank you for your support in 2021. Due to your generosity, the CNS Foundation supported eight annual grants totaling more than $163,000. This CNS Foundation website and the CNS Quarterly will continually provide updates about this work.

    You have been essential in these remarkable achievements. 

    Since 2018, the CNSF received $30,000 in annual donations--barely enough to fund one scholarship. We want to acknowledge and thank Dr. Elad Levy for his three years’ service as Chair and leading CNS Foundation growth to $4,000,000 in assets.

    Martina Stippler and I are honored to lead as Co-Chairs of the Foundation; she will serve as Strategic Chair, and I will serve as Chair of Operations. Daniel Hoh will continue into his second year as Treasurer.

    Important changes were recently approved by the CNS Foundation Board: 

    1. Each neurosurgery sub-specialty section recognized by the CNS was invited to nominate a member to serve on the CNS Foundation Board. The full roster of the CNS Foundation Board accompanies this letter. We believe this expansion represents our inclusive and broad approach to subject matter sub-specialty expertise.
    2. CNS Executive Committee Members-at-Large have also been asked to serve as members of the CNS Foundation during their term.
    3. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion was formally adopted as a new fourth pillar of the CNS Foundation.

    We continue to work on your behalf to improve worldwide patient health. We invite you to contact us any time with your thoughts. Join us in 2022 as we increase the impact and reach of our work, made possible by your generosity.

    With sincere regards, 

    Alexander Khalessi, MD MBA                  Martina Stippler, MD
    Co-Chair, CNS Foundation                        Co-Chair, CNS Foundation
    CNS Vice President                                     CNS Secretary